Pastor's Corner

Welcome to the Pastor's Corner.

There has been a lot going on with us, some really good and some not so good but we are still trusting in the Lord.

The Revival with Bro. Branham & Family was a success along with having some saved, re-dedicating their lives and some getting saved along with being Baptized in the Holy Ghost...WOW.... what a blessing from God.

This Sunday the 14th we will be having Bro. Bill Sheets ministering to us. Bro. Sheets for many years has been serving the church from the International Headquarters and it will be a privilege to have him here with us.

The Gideon’s will be with us on the 28th of April. a wonderful organization that has done so much in placing Bibles in Institutions all over the world.

God has been so good to us and especially in our services. The preaching - teaching seems to be having an effect on some of the people. Sunday AM servive had to do with how we limit God in our lives by Boxing Him up and not letting Him minister to us in the way He wants to. It seems as if we are holding Him back because we do not want to be obedient to His will for our lives. Sadly, we are trying to bring God into our modern day lives and placing Him as being old fashioned. In other words, we are trying to bring God down to our level. This will never be with The Sovereign Master of the universe.

We can not put God in a box and expect Him to bless us.

Pastor Gordon