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Mr and Mrs Tom Davis

Barbie and Chelsea

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Christopher Wint

Peggy Erwin & family

Bill Buice

Betty Buice

Diane Lawson

Amanda Noriss

Janice Stephens

Shirley Burke

Marcia Moon      

There seems to be a lot of undermining with the legislators that we have sent to Washington to represent us and it seems as if they are following their own agenda. I believe that you as a voter should keep in touch with those that you have elected to represent you and let them know how you stand as we are seeing our rights being taken away right before our eyes and are being silent about it. Remember, you have the power to change this if you will respond.                                               



Doris Martin

Elyse Bowen

Those in Nursing Homes

Our Country and Leaders - (Pray for their Salvation)

Our Church


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